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Pomalo kraduckajte

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Po recima ministra Velje selje dozvoljeno je pomalo kraduckati, samo pazite da vas ne uhvate.

Cow and Opel

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Few days ago theft happened in Laple Selo/Laplje Selo when a cow and a
calf were stolen. On Saturday evening around 2:50 after midnight,
perpetrators enter in the garden of the family N.P. and broke the door of
the garage and took their car OPEL Kadet. Than, they continued to with
taking a cow (around 650 kg) and a calf (150). This is nothing unusual in
central Kosovo but the story is unique, and you will see that on video
and photos of KPS. After theft in Laplje Selo perpetrators put the cow
and a calf in the car and on that way they were driving up to the
Lipjan/Lipljan town. Police patrol were trying to stop them, but they
succeeded to escape through the transit road toward Stimje/Stimlje. After few
hundred meters, car couldn't continue with heavy cow and turned over
Kadet car. Perpetrators escaped through the fields.

Jbga krava Jbga krava

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